Pet Care Services

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Let's Take a Walk

Sometimes in our hectic lives, it's hard to get all the things on our checklists done, including taking the poochie puppies out for a stroll. Well, that's where I come in! I will ensure your pet has a safe walk through your neighborhood or along a nearby trail to burn off some of that doggy energy. Walks are between 10am - 2pm (other times available upon request). Any special training techniques will be enforced to keep your pet on their normal routine.

Even during the rainy days, I will be there to take your fur baby out for exercise, potty breaks, and fun! Paws will be cleaned off on our return if they happen to get wet or dirty. If your pet's walk is cut short due to weather or other issues, I will make sure he/she enjoys some good ol' quality playtime indoors.

If you need to cancel your pet's walk for any reason, please be sure to call me as soon as possible.


Initial Meet & Greet - FREE!


Potty Break  (15 mins) - $15

Pre-paid 5 pack - $65

Pre-paid 10 pack - $125

Pre-paid 20 pack - $240


30 minute walk - $20

Pre-paid 5 pack - $90

Pre-paid 10 pack - $175

Pre-paid 20 pack - $340


45 minute walk - $25

Pre-paid 5 pack - $115

Pre-paid 10 pack - $225

Pre-paid 20 pack - $440


More than 2 dogs - $5/dog

Quick Visit
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Initial Meet & Greet - FREE!


15-minute visit - $15

Additional daily visits - $10/each


30-minute visit - $20

Additional daily visits - $15/each


45-minutee visit - $25

Additional daily visits - $20/each


1 hour visit - $30

Additional daily visits - $25/each


House visit (no pets) - $15


An additional $10/visit will be added on observed holidays

Quick visits are roughly 30 minutes long. If you have a long day at work, date night, activity-packed afternoon or if you are out of town, I will be there to take care of all your pet needs. Along with checking in on your pets, I can also check mail, bring in packages, rotate lights, bring garbage cans in/out and water plants.


Cat visits include:

Feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, med administration (if needed) & chin scratches.


Dog visits include:

Potty break, feeding, fresh water, med administration (if needed), play time and of course, hugs & kisses!


Small animal, reptile, bird & fish visits include:

Feeding, fresh water, cage cleaning, day/night light switched on/off & maybe some small talk.

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Shall I Stay

Thinking about going out of town for fun, family or an emergency but need someone to take care of your home and pets? That's where I come in. My overnight pet care covers feeding, potty breaks, medication administration and any other needs your pets may require. I will also bring in the mail and newspapers, water plants and take out the garbage for you. All you need to worry about is having a safe trip.

Even if you don't have pets in your home, I am here to help. I will stop by to rotate lights, bring in the mail, take the trash to the curb or anything else you can think of. You deserve to feel like your home is safe and taken care of while you are away!


Initial Meet & Greet - FREE!


Overnight - $50/night


Overnight (no pets) - $40


An additional $10/night will be added on observed holidays

(Christmas Eve/Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Easter, 4th of July)

Hourly Pet Care
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Initial Meet & Greet - FREE!


Between 7a-8p - $12/hour


After 8pm - $15/hour


An additional $10/hour will be added on observed holidays

Does your pet tear the house apart when you leave? Whimper when they aren't snuggled next to you? Maybe he or she has a medical issue that makes it difficult for you to leave your fur baby alone while you run errands, work or head out for some fun. Hourly pet care gives you the chance to take care of some things outside of your home without having to worry about the pets. I would be delighted to stay with your pets while you are and about. 

Pet Taxi
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I know how busy life can get and how difficult it can be to get all your daily tasks done. You want to provide the best possible care to all your family members including your wonderful pets so you schedule vet checkups, grooming appointments, and doggy play dates. The trouble is you might not have enough hours in the day to get to those appointments and activities. I can help! I can pick up and drop off your pet at certain destinations to help check off another item on your To Do list.

I can also run pet-related errands like picking up food or pet meds! Contact me today if you have any questions.


Initial Meet & Greet - FREE!


$30/one way (within 10 miles of your home)

$45/hour for multiple stops


Add an additional

$0.50/mile if outside of the 10-mile radius


An additional $10/hour will be added on observed holidays

Add Ons
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Initial Meet & Greet - FREE!


Nail Trims - $10


Poop Scoop - $10

Need an extra set of hands to help with your pet chores? Guess who is just a phone call away? That's right, Whatevfur Pet Care! These services are available during your scheduled pet sits. If you need any of the services any other time there will be an extra charge for to cover travel time.


Nail Trims:

Nail trims are important. They keep your pets comfortable and help prevent broken nails which can be very painful. This service is offered for pets that are easy to manage. The safety of your pet and is my top priority.


Poop Scoop:

It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it!

Serving Tacoma, Ruston, University Place, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Fife, Federal Way, Seattle & other surrounding areas!

Call to schedule your FREE meet & greet!